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Motion & Animation

Yifan Wu / illustration for

Yifan Wu recently did this  illustration for a TED on article, An introvert’s advice for networking. The article talks about using loose contact as a way of social networking. A visual analogy is made through making a woman blowing a dandelion flower made of speech bubble seeds.

Yifan Wu / Management maestros for The Real Deal

Yifan Wu illustrates the economics of scale for The Real Deal magazine. Describing how difficult it is to run a small property management company in New York City, the article tells us that it’s important to have the resources to juggle a high volume of buildings when doing business in a city like New York. […]

Yifan Wu / A love letter to librarians for Boston Globe

Yifan Wu created an illustration for the book review, “A LOVE LETTER to librarians rises from a fire,” in the October 21st Books section of the The Boston Globe.  Her colorful image of adults and kids enjoying time at the library depicts how a love of reading is almost universal.

We’re thrilled to welcome New York award winning illustrator, Yifan Wu to our Gang

Yifan is an award-winning illustrator and animator, originally from Nanjing, China. Yifan is an artist who vents her anger about the idiotic, morbid, mordant world in artwork; a creative thinker who deals with her nihilism through storytelling; a naysayer to pollyannas. She explores this world through reading, films, traveling, and conversations.