In times like these, we all need to stay positive

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Yes, times are tough and the business of illustration is no exception. Rather than crawl under a rock and give up, I have decided to work that much harder and stay that much more positive. As an agent, its kind of my responsibility or at least it is my philosophy.

So here at AGM, we have rolled up our sleeves and are treating this “Recession” as just another big challenge and god knows, I love challenges. I know that so many people are affected out there and often illustrators are at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to work. Rather than complain about no jobs coming in or worrying about it, why not take control over the things you can take control of.

Obama, has promised to do something about the recession so all we need to do is take care of what we have control over.

For me, I am sending out way more emails, updating my website regularly and surfing the net to find new ways to market my gang. I have recently produced a beautiful new promo that will be shipped out to clients this week. I am going after other markets and generating interested in the illustrators of AGM as never before. Basically I am doing all that I can and not worrying about what is out of my control. There is so much that I can do that I barely have time to write this blog. That said, maybe this is a great time for you to update your site, perfect your style, take a class or join Facebook. Its also probably a good time to realize that times are changing and that maybe you should have other backup plans for when times are slow. I know many illustrators that teach, work as designers, paint.

All this to say that now is probably a great time to get busy, that is if you have the time.