Inma Hortas / HuffPost / Here’s What No One Tells You About Having Huge Boobs

Inma Hortas

Inma Hortas was commissioned by HuffPost US to illustrate an article on Boob Month throughout October for a celebratory and informative series on all things boobs. HuffPost’s goal is to celebrate diversity, body positivity and raise awareness of breast health. This piece shows the variety of cases and obstacles that people with large breasts have to face in their day to day.

Brief: “Sure there’s a lot that sucks about having big boobs – the construction-quality taupe bras with 6-inch shoulder straps because Victoria’s Secret is that she doesn’t carry your size, the way you have to brace yourself to be ogled and catcalled all day if you dare to show a sliver of cleavage, and we’ve all heard a set of juicy naturals can be hell on the back. But despite it all, here’s why I can’t help but adore life as a busty woman.”

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