Judith Rudd / Fortune Magazine / The FullerProject

Judith Rudd / Fortune Magazine / The FullerProject
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Judith Rudd was recently commissioned this illustration by Fortune Magazine  about “Female Migrant Workers and the families they support who are being abandoned by the money-transfer industry.   ”This story was published in partnership with Fortune Magazine and The Fuller Project.  The piece  was written by journalist Louise Donovan.

“ The Fuller Project is an independent nonprofit journalism organization (501c3). 
The Fuller Project brings journalism about women to millions of readers in the US. and around the world through legacy and local media partnerships. With deeply sourced news gathering and vivid storytelling, The Fuller Project works to provide a more nuanced understanding of global, US and local news by incorporating diverse perspectives. We center our investigative and enterprise journalism on women’s lived experiences, especially those whose stories are most often unheard in mainstream news, to reveal patterns of discrimination and illuminate solutions.”

Many thanks to AD Peter Herbert at Fortune Magazine