Kotynski / Cover illustrations for The Real Deal

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Kotynski created two cover illustrations for The Real Deal magazine, a magazine of real estate news, art directed by Paul Dilakian.

A cover illustration for the Summer 2017 issue of the Westchester/Fairfield Market Report illustrates a story about a national real estate firm acquiring a smaller Westchester-based firm and the adjustment period that ensued.

A second cover was for The Real Deal, Fall 2017 South Florida issue, about recent hurricane Irma and how the real estate market is dealing with massive property damage. The illustration’s focus is the city of Miami. Buildings appearing in the background are inspired by the skyline of the city.
Kotynski chose muted colors for the Miami cover due to the serious nature of the subject.

The original ideas for both covers were Dilakian’s. Kotynski and Dilakian then collaborated to find the best design and composition for each cover.

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