Nathalie Dion / The note books by Josée Fiset, Idleness and Indulgence no.03

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Sometimes – often, even – the holidays feel like a marathon: get dressed up, go to your parents’, drink, dance, sleep, meet friends for brunch, drink again, sing carols, eat and, for a change, eat some more. Between drinks and yule logs, to keep your eyes from getting bloodshot and your buttons from popping, it’s a good idea to save some bits of time for a little mindful breathing. It’s a vacation after all! It’s time to indulge in dolce far niente, Italian for the sweetness of doing nothing, even if it’s no longer time to do it outdoors, lying under a tree. I’m not talking about pointless, unending passivity, but rather time-limited idleness you choose to wallow in and that refreshes you.

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