National Post article – Illustrators are always a big draw

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I made some comments recently for the National Post

“What’s exciting for the business of illustration,” says Anna Goodson, the principal of her eponymous boutique artists’ agency, “is that it gives an artist a commercial way to succeed. Art is a difficult milieu to be in and make a living at.”

Still, you never know where a bit of commercial, anonymous illustration can lead. “One of our illustrators had done an editorial illustration for the Hartford Courant newspaper,” Goodson recounts. “Somehow, Prince saw the portrait of himself and loved it, contacted us and bought the full rights to the image. We also print on Zoom [ads], which are in bathrooms and everywhere, so I’ve had people contact us and request an artist because they’ve spotted them in the men’s room, standing at the urinal. I get that a lot!”

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