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Andy Potts / Driverless cars not a solution to mass transit woes

Andy Potts  illustrated an article for NYC’s Transit Center. “Robot Cars vs. Transit” puts a focus on falsely presenting self-driving, autonomous cars as the future solution to urban transportation problems. The claim is undermining investment in a struggling transit system. Potts depicts this complex concept by showing popular modes of urban transportation: bus, subway train, […]

Audrey Malo / Homage to Virginia Woolf’s lover

Audrey Malo created an illustration inspired by Vita Sackville-West, the lover of author, Virginia Woolf. Sackville-West, an author herself, and a gardener, is shown here by Malo naked in a field of flowers. Malo chose two green tones to evoke the impressions of nature.

Roberto Cigna / “Rising stars” cover illustration for Lexpert Magazine

Roberto Cigna created a cover illustration for Lexpert magazine for their “Rising Stars” issue in November. Leading lawyers under 40 were honored at an annual gala event held at the Fairmont Royal York hotel in Toronto. Cigna’s image of a bright star amid many stars illustrates the subject powerfully.

Marilyn Faucher / Holiday promotions for Mattamy homes

Marilyn Faucher’s commission for Mattamy homes, a homebuilder based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, founded by Peter Gilgan. Faucher created two billboards to celebrate the holidays. Mattamy is the largest builder of residential homes in Canada.

Tony Healey / Portrait for the Financial Times

Tony Healey’s weekly profile portrait for the Financial Times. Healey’s ink and watercolor rendering, digitally completed, shows an expert use of line and color wash to create a striking likeness of his subject.    

Mai Ly Degnan / Cool girls series: The Shoe Lover

Mai Ly Degnan’s latest portfolio piece on the life and times of a shoe lover is part of her ongoing series of cool girls doing everyday things. A colorful variety of styles surround this cool girl who’s trying on footwear from yellow vinyl boots to strappy stilettos. Degnan’s use of color, pattern and character design […]

Andrea Ucini / The Harm That Data Does for Scientific America

Andrea Ucini’s bird in a cage accompanied an article in Scientific American entitled, “The harm that data does,” on how paying attention to algorithmic systems is impacting marginalized people worldwide.

Stephanie Wunderlich / Illustrating a column for Schöner Wohnen

Stephanie Wunderlich illustrated the last in a series of monthly illustrations this year about what happens in the corridor for Schöner Wohnen magazine, a German women’s magazine. The series answers questions posed in articles published in the magazine. Wunderlich’s signature style of flat shapes and tipped perspective creates a bird’s eye view of her subject.

Clare Mallison / Mental health at work examined for Financial Times

Clare Mallison completed an illustration for Financial Times about what employers are doing to support employees’ mental health. Mallison illustrated the cover of the project, calling on main themes like workplace anxiety, overworking, burnout and stress. Scribbles above the heads of workers show the mental chaos such workplace stresses can cause.

Roberto Cigna / “Moments to Spare” for Science magazine

Roberto Cigna’s illustration for Science magazine for the article, “Moments to Spare,” on an early warning system for earthquake activity recently released by the U.S. Geological Survey. ShakeAlert notifies residents seconds before a quake illustrating just how important those few seconds can be. Cigna’s illustration of a man escaping a cracking hourglass that shows seismic […]

Guille Manchado / Shaking the hand of your reflection

Guille Manchado’s recent project for the City Council of Barcelona, Spain is an illustration on self-awareness. Manchado approached the assignment by completing this minimalist illustration of a man shaking the hand of his mirrored reflection.

Hanna Melin / Portfolio drawings entitled, “Seaside”

Hanna Melin lasted additions to her portfolio include a series of drawing entitled “Seaside.” Here, a red-haired boy who’s caught a fish carries it on his shoulders.

Kotynski / The importance of sex education

Kotynski illustrated an article on sex education for the Polish Women’s magazine, Wysokie Obcasy Extra, for its November issue. An interview with a sexologist on the importance of sex education and how proper sex education shapes a woman’s future, Kotynski’s image of a man and a woman behind torn paper, art directed by Katarzyna Ongirska, […]

Isabelle Cardinal / Front page illustration for The Boston Globe

Isabelle Cardinal’s front page illustration for The Boston Globe’s Election 2018 Section, appeared yesterday, on Election Day, on its’ cover. Her comment on the midterm elections and the state of Washington D.C., Cardinal pictured The White House inside a snow globe or for some, a crystal ball. In Cardinal’s illustration, the globe’s glass is cracking and […]

Mai Ly Degnan / Illustrating The Crims for Harper Collins

Mai Ly Degnan’s cover illustration for a novel by Kate Davies entitled, The Crims. Davies’ first in a series, The Crims is about a dysfunctional family of crime. Though the Crims pride themselves on being criminal masterminds, they’re actually quite inept. Degnan captures the twists and turns of this less than stellar crime family in […]

Hanna Melin / 2019 Diary cover design for Amifa

Hanna Melin’s latest design for the Japanese firm “Amifa”, a series of illustrations for their stationery.  Pictured here is a 2019 Diary cover design of happy, colorful dinosaurs in all shapes and sizes from Stegosaurus to T-Rex. Melin’s pink, blue, yellow and peach dinosaurs can be seen prancing, dancing and strolling past people, palm trees […]

Yifan Wu / Management maestros for The Real Deal

Yifan Wu illustrates the economics of scale for The Real Deal magazine. Describing how difficult it is to run a small property management company in New York City, the article tells us that it’s important to have the resources to juggle a high volume of buildings when doing business in a city like New York. […]

Gemma Correll / Packaging illustration for Amazon Echo Dot

Gemma Correll collaborated with Amazon to create packaging for its new Echo Dot Kids’ Edition. Her white line drawings of a child listening, a rocket launching and a happy fish in a fishbowl appear on the covers of the new packaging. Correll has been working with Amazon since 2017 to create print and digital advertising […]

Roberto Cigna / Winds of change for Aplus magazine

Roberto Cigna created three illustrations for the October issue of Aplus magazine, the official magazine of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The article, “Time for change,” discusses the standard for maintaining integrity within the auditing profession.  According to the article, the winds of change are blowing across the audit world. Cigna’s wind-driven […]

Guille Manchado / A hug from the deceased on All Saints Day

Guille Manchado’s latest addition to his portfolio on the theme of All Saints Day, a Spanish tradition in which people visit their dead then meet them again the following day on November 1st. Manchado’s powerful image of a spirit hugging a loved one is a moving representation of the holiday.  

Agathe Bray-Bourret / Illustrating the children’s book, Anatole qui ne séchait jamais

Agathe Bray-Bourret illustrated her first children’s book, a storybook written by Stéphanie Boulay. Anatole Can’t Stop Crying is a book about a child with pain that cannot be eased. That is, until his sister, Régine, sets out to discover what it is that makes him so unhappy. A charmingly impactful story on accepting oneself is fancifully […]

Phil Wheeler / Hello yello

Phil Wheeler’s t-shirt design, “Yello,” printed by Threadless, is a bold, clean design celebrating the color yellow. Wheeler’s design employs a playful visual pun replacing, “Hello” with “Yello.”

Roberto Cigna / “Looking after number one” for The Guardian

Roberto Cigna’s latest illustration for The Guardian, illustrating the article, “Looking after number one.” The author, Josh Jacobs, writes, “Sworn at, forced to sleep in the office, fired at will: what’s it really like to work for an MP?” Little is known about the treatment of Westminster staffers. In the piece, illustrated by Cigna, former and […]

Clare Mallison / Illustrating “Budget 2018” for Financial Times

Clare Mallison created a double-page illustration for Financial Times on, “Budget 2018,” for its personal finance pages. Her images of everyday people walking dogs, pushing strollers, riding bikes, busy at work, and more, feature scissors cutting a path on a dotted line to illustrate cost-cutting measures people take to balance personal finances.

Audrey Malo / Staking claim to a new planet

Audrey Malo’s latest .gif of an astronaut planting a flag on a newly-discovered planet is part of the illustrator’s continuing experimentation with volume and contour when creating a .gif. Her rotund astronaut, dressed in pink with oversized ears, hands and feet, has feet firmly planted as stars circle all around.  

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