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Audrey Malo / Spring fairy and her companion

In this personal illustration Audrey Malo had fun creating a spring fairy and her butterfly companion, using a restricted colour palette, she had fun experimenting with composition, proportions and shapes.

Nathan Hackett / International Woman’ Day

This illustration was drawn on international Women’s Day after reading about the second wave of feminism in the 1960’s. The cultural shift created by the unified, rallied dialogue and questioning of gender roles, rights and even shares in workplaces (not just ‘pink collared’ jobs) must have been much more radical against the absurdity and size […]

Gary Neill / EXPMAG – What you do after your house burns down

Recent animated gif for a poignant short story about how someone felt after her house had burnt down?

We’re very excited to welcome Illustrator, Motion Design Director and Animator Renato Klieger to our Gang!

Renato is an Illustrator, Motion Designer and Animation Director born in Brazil and based between Hamburg and Sao Paulo. He started his career as a designer in 2001 and switched to Motion and Animation around 2005 when he was employed at Terracota Filmes in Sao Paulo. By the end of 2009 he moved to Hamburg-Germany […]

Nathan Hackett / Upskill Your Day, WHN? Magazine

‘Upskill Your Day’ is advice given by Danny Forest, a motivated autodidact who is dedicating his time and efforts to learning new skills with a term he coins as ‘upskilling’. This illustration was for a feature for WHN? Magazine (What Happenes Next? Magazine from Hyundai) and lays out Danny’s 7 tips for how to increase […]

Martin Tognola / Something sounds wrong. Weekly GIF

Gif from a weekly column created for a Spanish newspaper, La Vanguardia. The text is about a false melomaniac how don’t know about music, but talks too much. I have chosen to place a turntable in the center of a bullseye. The arrows loose represents his ignorance. There are no hits!

Nathan Hackett / Behind the Oscars, The Hollywood Reporter

These illustrations were made for this years Oscar special in the Hollywood Reporter. The larger image was a 2 page spread for an article that covered the people who work behind the scenes and limelight of the red carpet event and interviewed some choice workers who manage the event such as ‘The Limo Wrangler’ and […]

Marilyn Faucher / My love is for you – Orca book publishers

Marilyn Faucher was commissioned by Orca book publishers Canada to illustrated the magnificent prose of Susan Musgrave. My love is for you is about the purity, strength and sweetness of love with simple joys from nature experienced through the seasons.

Roberto Cigna / Fondation Cité de la Santé

This February 2019, I was happy to participate in the “Work For Free promo” that my agency Anna Goodson Illustration & Motion does each year to help out charities and non profits. These are my illustrations for the pamphlet for “Fondation Cité de la Santé”. It was in 1980 that the Cité de la Santé […]

Andrea Ucini / Hope for On Being Project

This is one of the pictures I did for the new On Being Project´s website. The On Being Project is an independent, non‑profit media and public life initiative.

Nathalie Dion Illustrated The Boston Globe Book Review

These illustrations by Nathalie Dion appeared in this weekends Boston Globe Book Review of Gingerbread, the new book by Helen Oyeyemi.

Craigio Hopson / Charles Bukowski book design

New personal piece. Homage to Charles Bukowski

Mai Ly Degnan / NPR

Illustration for NPR about the feeling of inequality at top colleges still persisting, despite the push for diversity. Elite colleges are making strides to diversify their student bodies, both racially and economically however, poor students still feel isolated and unwelcome.

Andrea Ucini / Hooked! For Mother Jones magazine

How a loosely regulated rehab industry baits recovering drug user into a deadly cycle”.

We’re excited to welcome Toronto illustrator, Evan A Jordan to our agency

We’re very excited to have Evan A Jordan, join our agency. His digital paintings, are beautifully stylized images with a unique photorealistic painterly look. A graduate of Sheridan College, Evan fell in love with the computer lab, and became obsessed with making beautiful creations in photoshop. A perfectionist in the kitchen and on Creative Suite, […]

In celebration of our 23 years in business, we’ve decided to renovate our logo!

Last month, we celebrated our 23 year anniversary, representing the best illustrators on the planet.  Back in 1996,  Anna Goodson, had this crazy idea of launching an international illustration agency.  Back then, the agency only had 4 local illustrators on its roaster. Today, the agency represent over 50+ illustrators and motion graphics artists from around the […]

Marilyn Faucher / Chenelière education – Primary school book

Marilyn was commissioned by Chenelière Éducation, to create seven illustrations of a primary school book in Quebec. This book will be released in spring, stay tunned!

Nicolas Gremaud / 7 secondes – La Pompadour

https://vimeo.com/314305991 Nicolas Gremaud made illustrations to promote “7 secondes” the new motion format proposed by La Pompadour production. https://www.lapompadour.tv/7-secondes/

Roberto Cigna Roberto Cigna / Open Minded

New personal piece. Escape your mental prisons, be open minded.

Chris Madden / John Burroughs Riverby Awards 2019

I am very happy to announce that ‘We Build Our Homes’ has been named a winner of John Burrough’s Riverby Award 2019.

Guille Manchado / Guille Manchado / Project with The Atlantic

Guille has been working on some illustrations for the web of The atlantic. The illustrations attempt to special days such as the bravery day, The end of procrastination day and many others. Guille really enjoied working on this project with the art director Emily Jan.

Martin Tognola / Instructions on how to use a flag!

Illustration for a weekly op-Ed column about the resurgence of nationalism around the world. I wanted to express how patriotic pride discourse blinds people.

Andy Potts / Illustration and Motion Showreel 2019

Andy Potts has an brand new showreel for 2019 showcasing his most recent 2d and 3d illustration and motion work.

Jacob Myrick / Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

This illustration appears in the March issue of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance for an article on Financial Advisors selling annuities and how to pick them.

Nathan Hackett / Hollywood Reporter: Digital Tv Bundling Gains Momentum

This illustration was created for an article in the Hollywood Reporter about how digital tv services are going to try offering combinations of streaming packages, and if these streaming channels do cooperate, how these bundles could look and what effect these schemes may have on streaming customers.

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