Nien-Ken Alec Lu / Eater / Gold Country California

Nien-Ken Alec Lu

Nien-Ken Alec Lu was commissioned by Eater to illustrate a map and a series of spot illustrations of Gold Country California. These images were to complement the Eater’s newest feature story about what-to-do and where-to-eat guides in Gold Country this Summer.
Eater provides these food and activity guides from time to time to enrich its reader’ travel plans and gives them unique ideas about what their next adventure could be.
The lead illustration was to capture the pastoral, picturesque representations of California back in the gold mining era, at the same time, it is also a functional map to indicate where the destinations are. Alongside the spot illustrations, these are a few iconic elements of California such as the Sacramento bridge, the old gold mining town, and the state flower, California Poppy to showcase the Golden State’s beauty.
Art direction by Nat Belkov