Roberto Cigna / Shaking out the welcome mat

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Roberto Cigna recently completed a series of illustrations for A Plus magazine, the official magazine of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants on how global investors currently see China.

“China shakes out the welcome mat,” an article by George W. Russell, points to the fact that China’s less favored status is the result of foreign firms operating on mainland China complaining about restricted access to Chinese markets and an upsurge in regulations that favor domestic companies.  Russell explores whether certain business sectors are moving away from China, possible reasons why foreign firms are questioning doing business there and reforms that may improve their prospects.

Cigna shows, in his series of editorial illustrations, how doing business in China is losing its luster for some foreign companies.  The lead illustration shows business travelers exiting beneath a map of China.  A second illustration is of a businessman emptying the last goal coins from a bank with the national symbol on it, and in the third illustration, a businessman is closing the curtains on a map of China.




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