Infographic Illustrators

When you have content that needs to be read and understood at first glance, an infographics illustrator can reveal your data and provide insight into facts and figures with an expert use of color and graphics. Whether pie chart, bar chart, flow chart or timeline, they can create a template for your data that crystalizes your message, pronto!

If you have a compelling story or topic and useful data to support it, the infographic illustrator will go to work enlivening data. Statistical, informational, process, geographic, comparison or chart-centric, they have the tools to make your data shine.

The infographics illustrator knows that most successful infographics have a hierarchy clearly illustrated with icons or bullets, header copy to introduce segments of a topic and concisely-written body copy to explain each headline.

Making data coherent, the infographics illustrator condenses large quantities of information into a form that can be easily absorbed by readers. With an emphasis on trends and patterns, they put pen to paper or hand to mousepad and run with your data, coding colors and piles of information into neat circles and squares.

With a goal of comprehension and retention, they embellish information while showing a series of points in linear order. Complex processes are easy to follow and differentiate, when an infographics illustrator is at the wheel.