Mural Illustrators

Mural illustrators know the power of making something that’s really big. They scale the side of a building, or a bus, to create public art.

Using paint–either air-brushed or by hand–they create scenes to scale on large surfaces. Window washers on high-rise duty have nothing on the mural illustrator who must be a master at foreshortening and composition while navigating great heights.

The David, of David and Goliath, the mural illustrator creates a scene by painting on a scaffold or cherry-picker in all kinds of weather. More of a distance runner than a sprinter, this illustrator is in it for the long haul. Working from a scaled sketch, the mural illustrator first draws in line, on a surface, and then adds color.

The mural illustrator knows that bigger is better. They strive for imagery with impact.

Bold, bright color and exceptional drawing skills are required of this sharpshooter. Armed with nothing more than paint, the mural illustrator creates a larger-than-life scene for passersby to gaze at.

With the goal of making a mural that can be viewed from any angle, while painting a scene that fits into the local environment, they draw and re-draw until their artwork matches the space.

Creating a facade that will stand the test of time, and the elements, is what the successful mural illustrator is all about. Salute the valor and verve of the mural illustrator to create colossal images that matter.

Mural Illustrators