Stephanie Wunderlich / Poster for Arizona Theatre

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Stephanie Wunderlich was asked by Dan Neumann Art Direktor at Esser Design to illustrate a poster for Arizona Theatre Company’s 2019/20 season. For each of ATC’s shows Esser Design concept and design an illustration that is used for that show’s promotion. The show Stephanie was working on is called “Master Harold”… and the Boys.
The play takes place in South Africa right after apartheid is instituted. It’s the story of two African men, Sam and Willie, who have looked after a white boy, 17 year old Hally, his whole life. It starts off quite light-hearted but turns into an emotional train-wreck by the end. Stephanie was asked to illustrate a composition with the three characters arranged so that their body positions / language fit in and around one another. Their lives were intertwined and she had to convey that through the art.