Fashion Illustrators

Each season, fashion designers launch fresh new looks as they roll out current clothing lines. The fashion illustrator creates illustrations to assist fashion buyers and stylists as they select clothing lines to purchase for their customers.

Whether haute couture or ready-to-wear, the role of the fashion designer is to sketch current fashions in a style that shows off garments at their best. The fashion illustrator sells new styles of clothing by presenting beautiful renderings of today's fashions. Signature designers like Armani, Versace, and others turn to the fashion illustrator to present their latest creations to the public and those in the trade.

The fashion illustrator provides a first look whether with brush, line, and washes or with stylus and tablet creating freely-rendered drawings of the clothed human figure in a stylized way. Garments and accessories show details of pattern, texture, and color.

Fashion houses often use fashion illustrations to create their ads. Magazines, catalogues, brochures and sell sheets prominently feature fashion illustrations on their pages as a way of drawing the reader into the world of fashion.

Fashion illustrations can be realistic or abstracted depending upon the requirements of the designer or fashion house. A facile grasp of drawing skills plus an interest in and knowledge of the fashion industry allow a fashion illustrator to represent the singular vision of a fashion designer through fashion illustrations.