Friends Illustrators

The friends illustrator highlights friendship between people or a person and their pet. Any situation that represents connection and relationships is the subject of the friends illustrator.

Part psychologist, part artist, the friends illustrator looks for the point of contact between two like-minded souls. Focusing on the emotional bond formed between friends, friends illustrators set out to depict everyday moments that bring friends together.

Through sensitive observation, a friends illustrator attempts to present the state of mind associated with friendship. Making relationships concrete and representing an abstract idea on paper requires an eye for detail. A gesture, a nod, a touch; all express a connection felt and shared.

The friends illustrator draws upon the inner world of friendship, to select those moments that illustrate friendship best: moments that show affection and companionship between friends.

A best friend can't be replaced. The friends illustrator can help us remember the moments that bring us together; happily and with joy.

Unlikely pairings, a sparrow and a rabbit, and elephant with a bird on its back, or a child and her toy, can each be friends in their own unique way.

Whether two girls at play or imaginary friends on an odyssey of the mind, the friends illustrator creates sketches that illustrate affection and admiration between friends.