Game Illustrators

‘Work hard, play hard' is the motto of the game illustrator. Responsible for drawing the characters, landscapes, scenes, and objects in the virtual world of video and online games, they bring creativity, seamless drawing skills, and an understanding of strategic play to their work.

These visual content artists of the design world, go to work sketching the dragons, drones and druids that occupy game space. The game illustrator can draw a human figure as easily as a pirate ship. They can put velvet or lace on game characters or create some of the atmospheric effects we find in master paintings. These jacks-of-all-trades know anatomy and architecture like the back of their hand.

Whether designing static art for Old School card games or board games, or fantasy figures for video games, they set creative and technical standards that are hard to match.

Able to draw from life, their understanding of lighting, perspective, and visual effects is unrivaled. Game illustrators suggest the color scheme, mood, and feel of a game. They are aware of the technical capabilities and limitations of the software they use every day.

Able to go wherever their imagination takes them, the game illustrator's life begins when fantasy enters the concrete world of game illustration. Some say the game illustrator has a Monopoly on talent, a passion for Risk, and a zest for Life but let's say they are simply some of the most versatile artists around.

Game Illustrators