Graphic Design Illustrators

A graphic design illustrator's world revolves around picas, pixels, rules, and color swatches. When they're not tracking or kerning type, they're designing layouts, scaling photos, or selecting artwork.

Whether Helvetica, Times, or Garamond, to them, size and typeface matter. Communicating ideas by visual means, for the purpose of advertising products or ideas, is where the graphic design illustrator shines.

Graphic design illustrators use the space on a page effectively, creatively and often, with great artistry. Laying out type and graphics on a grid or snapping objects to invisible rules, is cause for the graphic design illustrator to smile.

Think of graphic design as art with a purpose. In 1922, calligrapher and type designer, William Addison Dwiggins, coined the term “graphic designer” to refer to someone who arranges type and artwork on a page.

The tools of the graphic artist go beyond rulers, T-squares, templates, and French curves. A keen eye for composition, color, line, and shape separate the graphic design illustrator from the rest.

Precision in execution of design is the imperative of the best graphic design illustrators. Creative first, technically-proficient second, the graphic design illustrator is the workhorse of the design world. They research a subject in order to distill its message down to the most essential visual elements.

Good graphic design illustration points to an economy of expression unrivaled by other design disciplines.

If you know someone who craves points, semi-circles, and sometimes obtuse angles and who dreams in black-and-white with an occasional spot color, then consider yourself lucky to know a graphic design illustrator.