Publishing Illustrators

The publishing illustrator brings the pages of a book to life. They tell a story with pictures.

Whether developing characters that leap from page to page or scenes that look real, the publishing illustrator is the yin to a book author’s yang.

The publishing illustrator brings unique style and content to a book to enhance a story. They conceptualize and develop characters and scenes choosing a style to match a story’s tone.

Once they have a complete understanding of a manuscript, they illustrate highlights in preliminary sketches and then as final art. They will leap, hop, and catapult to capture the meaning of a story in pictures.

Get out of the way of the book illustrator trying to get it right. They are acrobats with a pen and brush. Their imaginative skills are unrivaled except, perhaps, by their drawing skills. Efficient with color washes, they’ll splash a few colors on a page and suddenly an illustration takes form.

The publishing illustrator wants you to turn every page, so they’ll keep the suspense coming until the very end. Disappoint a publishing illustrator and they’ll cry crocodile tears all over the pages of their soon-to-be published illustrations.

These thoughtful souls look into each character and scene of a book to hold your interest even longer and to bring out each and every aspect of the story.