Sex Illustrators

If it's steamy, dreamy, or simply erotic, call on the sex illustrator to make the scene sizzle.

Tasteful and appealing, the sex illustrator knows all the right angles, and curves, to make drawing titillating.

Think The Joy of Sex, gourmet guide to pleasure, in pen and ink. When a photograph won't do, or might be too racy for publication, the sex illustrator calms ruffled feathers with sex scenes and poses that convey pleasure without the explicit, graphic detail of many photos.

Not since Lady Chatterly's Lover and D.H. Lawrence's vivid description of sexual encounters, did images create this much interest in sex.

Artistic and highly skilled, the sex illustrator works from photos, and sometimes models, to present an idealized view of sexual adventure, experimentation, and exploit.

With the respect that depictions of the human body command, the sex illustrator is a true professional who has advanced drafting and artistic skill.

Illustrating sex manuals, magazine features, and more, the sex illustrator knows that the human body is a work of art in itself.

In an example of sex illustration at its finest, the Kama Sutra, Bio Marcos Chin, (the book's illustrator) brings the sex act to life in page after page of lush, colorful illustrations.

After all, where would we be without books like the Kama Sutra? Back in the Dark Ages, perhaps?