Storyboard Illustrators

Sketching a story frame-by-frame for an art director or film director is what the storyboard illustrator is best known for. If it's a film or TV commercial they're illustrating, the storyboard illustrator breaks down scenes in a script to help visualize the sequence of actions.

The storyboard illustrator knows that pitching isn't just for baseball. The quality and accuracy of storyboards sell a project. Storyboards often go through a strict editing process. In film, storyboards are presented to the cinematographer or director of photography who then brings the vision to the screen.

Storyboards can be rough sketches or polished, finished art. No matter the project, they illustrate a narrative and a sequence of events. The best drawing panels never lose sight of the story and maintain continuity in both style and tone.

A storyboard illustrator needs to be unflappable under tight deadlines and be able to withstand the rounds of revisions likely to occur.

The traditional technique of quick pencil or marker sketches has been replaced by digital sketches created in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Without the storyboard illustrator, a film would be over before it began, Rome would have been built in a single day and Gone with the Wind would have been just another short.

Storyboard Illustrators