Political Illustrators

The political illustrator’s world view is derived from news, conflict, social change, and world leaders. They comment, ridicule, chastise, and otherwise expose, the underpinnings of our society and put them on view for you and I to see.
Part and parcel of the political illustrator’s world, is a profound sense of what’s right, and what’s wrong with society. They unearth–in the most artistic of ways– using caricature, exaggeration, humor, and sometimes vulgarity, to get their point across.
The tools of the political illustrator go beyond a sharp pen and mind. Their ability to draw almost anything, then to distill an idea down to its simplest visual terms, is what they do best.
You’ll find the political illustrator’s hawk eye focused on the hottest topics of the day. From climate change to warmongering, they have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening now.
Expert at characterization, they can define a president or dictator with a single contour or a few splashes of color. Sometimes subtle, sometimes blunt, they artfully depict their subjects to be instantly recognizable.
Their clever use of visual terms to express complex social issues sets them apart as part historians, part reporters, part visionaries. We love them for their candor, and sometimes hate them for what they bring to our attention, but a world without political illustrators would simply bore us to tears.