Whimsical Illustrators

This group is fun: the whimsical illustrator sees life through a different lens. Blessed with a light touch, some say they may be a little off-kilter but the whimsical illustrator finds simple joy in the every day.
Using the character of line to represent freedom and light-heartedness, they skip, dart, and dash across a page with the joy of youth. A funny gesture, mannerism, or pose can set them off and inspire them to create a narrative that makes us smile.
Not as outrageously funny as some comic or character illustrators, they simply create characters and situations that charm.
Always subtle, and often delicate, their sensibility takes them to places that we might never see if we’re feeling a bit blue. Painting the sweetness, the unexpected moment, the twist and turn, is what they do best.
Fancifully amusing, never underestimate the beauty of the vision of a whimsical illustrator. True artists with a pen or wash, they make drawing a scene look as easy as riding a bike: just throw down a few washes and it’s done.
Call them capricious, fickle, mercurial, or unpredictable, but fancy the whimsical illustrator’s genius for presenting a slice of the everyday with the lightest of touch.
We may not howl with laughter at what they draw, but we’re sure to be surprised, and yes, delighted, by what we see.