The Etiquette of Illustration

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The informal or formal way you communicate with a client is just as important as the work you do for them. It has always been our business ethos at Anna Goodson Management to treat our clients with respect. In today’s very competitive market, just showing your appreciation to a client for choosing to work with you can make all the difference.

When a job comes in, we forward it to the illustrator to illustrate. Our business practice is that the illustrator immediately contacts the client thanking them for choosing to work with us. Following that the illustrator confirms in writing all the details such as delivery of the sketches and the delivery date of the finals. The illustrator also asks if there is anything else that they should know about the job. When the first sketch is sent to the client, the illustrator always follows up with an email or phone call to make sure that the client received the sketch and second to make sure all is fine. You would not believe how much work and communiqué get lost while traveling through the internet. Following up until you get a confirmation is part of a proven business model.

Professionalism to me is everything and strong lines of communication is essential to a professional practice. It is also very important to me that our clients know how much we care about what we do and that we appreciate their business. I often get thank you emails back from clients – when these arrive in my inbox… they make me feel proud of the service we offer and its reassures us of the fact that we are doing a decent job. The clients say things like, the work done was fantastic, but more importantly they often tell us how much they loved working with us and our illustrators. They point out the professionalism of the illustrators and the great service they have received. I would have to say that most of our clients give us repeat business because of the care we take when it comes to communication, and in this industry repeat business is very important.