We’re here for the holidays

We’re here for the holidays
Illustration / Marilyn Faucher

Holiday preparations keep us on-the-go at this time of year. Between work and celebrations, it’s amazing how everything somehow gets done.

Just in case you have a tight deadline, we’ll be here even during the holidays. As an international agency, our priority is servicing clients when they need us and that includes the holiday season. If you have a rush project, we have illustrators all over the world who can help.

My early vision of creating an international agency was, in part, a desire to respond quickly as assignments came in from around the world. Today, that vision has been realized.  Anna Goodson Illustration Agency is truly an international agency, with clients living and working here and around the world and 50+ illustrators from every corner of the globe. Our workday is extended, and that’s just how we prefer it.

Though there’s no flashing sign in our window burning red, blue, or green that says, “We never close,” we do have a roster of international illustrators ready and able to complete your assignment, when you need it, even if it’s just days before the holidays.

Crossing time zones may mean we get a little less sleep. What it means for our clients is that they can be assured we’ll answer their call, email, or text when that last-minute project comes in.

As creatives, you know that inspiration, and let’s face it, deadlines, sometimes come at inconvenient or unexpected times.  That’s why we’re ready to respond.

Our illustrators–from Argentina to Thailand–throughout North America and Europe, work long and sometimes crazy hours or whenever inspiration strikes.  If an assignment comes in, we’re ready to reach out to an illustrator we feel is right for the job.  Our gang understands that belonging to an international agency requires being ready to take an assignment on a moment’s notice.

Today, office hours stretch beyond the typical workday. Being able to continue working past normal business hours means having access to a computer or smartphone and freelancers who understand that newspapers and magazines have tight deadlines.

If you have a last-minute project and the clock is ticking, we’ll be here.