We’re setting illustration trends

We’re setting illustration trends

Illustration / Nick Ogonosky

Let me tell you how we set illustration trends at Anna Goodson Illustration Agency.

Though none of us has a crystal ball, having your finger on the pulse of what’s next is all about being a keen observer of life.  That means looking and listening to everything around you and using content, in the news, or from world events–even fashion and commerce–for inspiration.

To me, our illustrators are modern day visionaries.  Most have outstanding art training from art schools and universities around the world; some are self-taught with brilliant natural talent; all are vigilant in their efforts to express visually, what’s happening around them.

From the simplest change of season to the underpinnings of sexism, they vigorously explore the everyday and discover, what Henri Cartier-Bresson, referred to as “the decisive moment.”

While conceptual and social issues illustration will continue to trend this year and beyond, we’re seeing .gifs and motion graphics getting more attention every day. The power of .gifs and motion graphics to bring images to life is unrivaled.

There’s a push toward reviving collage as a popular style of illustration.  Another revival on the horizon are offbeat, unconventional characters that appear in editorial and ad illustration like a cigar-smoking, unshaven and unkempt, cartoon character with ill-fitting clothes who’s so unlovable, he’s almost endearing.

Pattern and texture made a play in 2017 and so did the art of the narrative or situational illustration where we look in as the story unfolds.

Let’s hope we see even more provocative, bold, edgy illustration on the front pages of top news sources.  Already on front pages and covers nearly every day, let’s make illustration a mainstay for features and ads everywhere.

Editorial and advertising illustration make a colorful and bold statement that’s hard to gloss over.  Illustration is easy for people to read and understand at a glance.  We source the most interesting and diverse illustration styles for use in advertising, editorial, design and publishing.


The best thing about working with the illustrators I represent is that I never know what they’ll come up with next.  This trendy group brings ingenuity and passion to everything they do, creating cutting-edge imagery that’s both current and original.