We’re so excited to welcome Montreal illustrator, Spll Girl to our Gang!

Spll Girl

Spll Girl is a Canadian illustrator and artist based in Montreal Québec. With a strong sensibility for narrative, Spll Girl creates highly emotive characters and scenes distinguished by vibrant colours, bold lines, patterns and movement. She has a deep passion for social causes and the experiences of everyday life, which she uses as inspiration for her work. Spll Girl’s process is fuelled by her affinity for humour, joy and storytelling, and as a result has a unique capacity for exploring both difficult and playful subjects. Her characters are diverse, dynamic and lively, drawn from her own experiences, her neurodiversity, and the city she calls home.

Spll Girl has collaborated with commercial brands, advertising agencies, magazines, newspapers and publishers.
Her attention to detail, her creative ideas, and commitment to realizing her vision, makes her distinctive in her process and work.