Why art matters

Anna Goodson

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April 24, 2017 6:25 pm

We believe that artists are visionaries, social critics, lovers of beauty, seekers of truth.

Ask any artist what compels them to make art. It starts with observation or imagination. Most of all, it takes courage to create.

Artists are inspired, driven, obsessed with expression. They explore the mysteries of life. They have stories to tell; insights to share. They illustrate the future as it could be.

Illustrator/ Roberto Cigna

Art is their gift to each of us: each creation as unique as the person who created it. Color, their theater; lines to create contours of shape and form; ambiguity, a familiar place where interpretations remain in the eyes of the beholder.

We, as audience, search for clues, sigh with satisfaction, gasp in awe. They invite us into their private worlds: to see what they see, to feel what they feel. Nothing is too out-of-this-world, too outrageous, too extreme.

The experience lingers in our minds, and hopefully, our hearts. We are changed by what we’ve seen, what we remember. In the process, we remember ourselves, our values, our love, our struggles. We step back into our reality with yet another awareness, a clearer focus.

Illustration/Joe Magee

We’re reminded there is much more to life than consuming, investing, and accruing. Through their joy, and sometimes torment, we become better somehow because of art and more connected to our own creativity.

Yes, art matters because it comes from the deepest part of an artist’s heart and soul. Art takes risks. It reflects the culture back to itself for a closer look. It calls out social issues. Art challenges us, brings us joy, and reminds us that some things can just be beautiful.

Do we need art? Now, more than ever. To bring humanity back from troubling trends that take us away from expression and the freedom just to be who we are.

Illustration/Clare Mallison

Our illustrators come from every walk of life. They create in every style. You can only imagine how proud I am of this group of creative minds. Their work so powerful, it speaks directly to each one of us. Their talents so diverse, you’ll find no end to what they can create.

Those who value art, know the importance of this work; its relevance today. Here, at Anna Goodson Illustration Agency, we are all seekers, of truth, of beauty, and justice. Our illustrators show us how they depict anything from hypocrisy and social injustice to sheer, unbridled joy.

Illustration/Michelle Thompson

Art thrives here at Anna Goodson Illustration Agency. It’s what we do and what we love. Our clients have come to expect fresh, fun, original, and fearless artwork every time they hire one of our illustrators.

We don’t follow illustration trends. We create them. Our tagline, is more relevant today than ever. Creativity does take courage. We have lots of that. Let’s just say our passion shows in everything we do. Join us as we celebrate the value, and promise, of art.

Illustration/Andea Ucini

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