Why we love things that move

Have you ever noticed how very young children are fascinated by things that move.  From the first mobile hanging over a crib to a spinning top or bouncing ball, we love to watch things move.

No wonder motion graphics and animation capture our curiosity.  The suspense, the surprise, in discovering what’s next and where the action is going, intrigues us. There’s something fun about setting images in motion.  And for an illustrator, there’s plenty to consider.

When and where an action starts and how it unfolds, takes analysis, and skill.  Our attention shifts, meanders and is piqued. When what’s least likely to happen does, we’re set slightly off balance. Imagination is required, and precise timing.

Motion graphics feature simple movements that have big impact. The subtle motion of water as it surrounds a swimmer, a woman seated at a table as she flicks her leg in delight upon tasting a cookie, or red balls popping out of the hose of a tank, can be funny, sad, even sinister.  All simple gestures with lots of impact.


Looping a single movement is what makes a motion graphic, otherwise known as a gif, so clever. Some incorporate subtle movement and others hit you over the head.


Animation takes motion further to what becomes movement. Storytelling is often a big part of the game. Whether illustrating a musician’s life with images and sound or creating a fantastic world where the unreal takes shape, animation is motion in space and time.


Animation / Andy Potts


Pacing and story development become paramount.  We like to anticipate what’s next. That’s how we become engaged, even mesmerized, by the action. Character development is key to keeping a viewer involved.  Just like film, the plotline draws us into the drama, however, in animation, images take the place of words.

Animation / Agathe BB


Our illustrators like to experiment with images. At times, animation can simply involve an exploration of imagery, ambiguity, and its potential.

Animation / Joe Magee


At Anna Goodson Illustration Agency, telling a story vividly, with images and sound, is what our illustrators do best. This is how we move with motion graphics and animation.


Animation / La Pompadour