Yunnyi Dai / NPR Next Generation Radio for St. Louis Public Radio / The Impact of Climate Change

Yunyi Dai


Yunyi was commissioned by NPR Next Generation Radio to create two editorial illustrations on the theme of climate change. She traveled to St. Louis and shadowed the interviews.

The illustrated GIF for Meena Viswanathan’s article “Bringing edible landscapes to St. Louis to combat changing weather conditions” depicts a playful scene of the community consuming and slicing pieces of the land that is growing fruits and vegetables.

The illustrated GIF for Zach Stafford’s article “Navigating Rising Water: How One Educator is Tackling an Ever-Changing Environment” portrays Conner, an educator and birdwatcher, holding binoculars. Climate change and severe flooding are affecting bird migration and threatening wildlife sanctuaries. Through the lenses one can see the birds passing through, followed by water flooding the binoculars.

Director: Doug Mitchell
Managing Editor: Traci Tong