Yunnyi Dai / NPR Next Generation Radio for Texas Newsroom / The Impact of Climate Change

Yunyi Dai


Yunyi was commissioned by NPR Next Generation Radio to create two editorial illustrations on the theme of climate change.

The illustration for Cristela Jones’s article “Growing faith by gardening: How extreme temperatures are affecting a San Antonio veteran’s garden” depicts a whimsical scene of Clarence Prevo using a blender to combine the fruits and vegetables from his own garden. In the effects of climate change, he has made it his mission to teach his community how to grow their own food.

The illustration for Ariadna Garza’s article “Construction worker vs. the weather: Why one Texan won’t quit” portrays Miguel Sanchez, a construction worker. He has been working in the field for 18 years, dealing with the extreme heat in Texas. Yunyi animated Miguel repairing a house he built that was melting from the sun’s heat.

Director: Doug Mitchell
Managing editor: Gabriela Saldivia