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About: Lino is a multidisciplinary artist. Painter, illustrator, author, poet and scenographer. His work always focus on human émotion. He published 3 graphic novels at: Les éditions 400 coups ( la Saveur du Vide, 2004, L'ombre du Doute, 2006, La Chambre de l'oubli, 2008 ) He also worked in animations with several agencies, and clients (Identica, Nolin, Orange-Tango, Sid Lee, Le lait, La croix-rouge , Radio-Canada, ) His work has been known across Québec, Canada, Europe and the United States. He also teaches graphic design and illustration at UQAM university in Montreal and LAVAL University in Québec City. His passion for theater made him works with many reputable theaters to do their posters and sometimes their scenography.

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