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Nathan Hackett / Why Oscar Host is the Worst job in Town-The Hollywood Reporter

An illustration of the oscar statue outside the Dolby Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard where the ceremony is held to accompany an article considering why the Oscars host role is so unpopular in Hollywood and who would suit the responsibility.

Yifan Wu / illustration for ideas.ted.com

Yifan Wu recently did this  illustration for a TED on article, An introvert’s advice for networking. The article talks about using loose contact as a way of social networking. A visual analogy is made through making a woman blowing a dandelion flower made of speech bubble seeds.

Nathalie Dion / The note books by Josée Fiset, Idleness and Indulgence no.03

Sometimes – often, even – the holidays feel like a marathon: get dressed up, go to your parents’, drink, dance, sleep, meet friends for brunch, drink again, sing carols, eat and, for a change, eat some more. Between drinks and yule logs, to keep your eyes from getting bloodshot and your buttons from popping, it’s […]

Jacob Myrick / Boston Globe Sunday Book Review

Jacob Myrick illustrated the book review of “A Manual for Cleaning Women” by Lucia Berlin for the Boston Globe Sunday Book Review section. The scene is a snapshot from the title story showing the contrast between the lives of the workers and guests at a Mexican hotel.

Leonard Beard / Bad manners among political opponents. El Periódico de Catalunya, opinion illustration

The article talks about how behaviours between political opponents is degraded lately in Spain, due to a greater polarization and an increase in populist attitudes.

Marta Antelo / Holiday letter for school children in Valencia, Spain

Marta Antelo created this letter, “Three Wise Kings,” for a children’s school in Valencia, Spain. School children can ask for presents they’d like to receive this holiday season.  There’s also space for them to tell a gift-giver how well they’ve behaved and how much they deserve presents they’ve requested.    

Guille Manchado / Brexit’s impact on the UK and Europe

Guille Manchado added a personal piece to his portfolio on the rupture in relations between Europe and the United Kingdom. Manchado’s illustration of Britain’s projected emancipation from The European Union shows the British flag showing underneath a tear in the EU flag.

Chris Madden / “Strengthened by Science” for University of Alberta Science Contours magazine

Chris Madden’s full-page illustration for “Strengthened by Science,” appeared in the Fall 2018 issue of Science Contours magazine of The University of Alberta, Faculty of Science. Madden’s illustration features alumni addressing a broad spectrum of health concerns from prenatal genetic testing to aging and frailty in unique ways.

Martin Tognola / Exacting justice in favor of banks

Martin Tognola’s illustration for a weekly Op-Ed about the lack of freedoms afforded citizens in Spain’s judicial system. A law in favor of banks that does damage to mortgage holders is the topic. Tognola’s sinister, black-cloaked judge, with an ATM under his robe, tells the story.

Sebastien Thibault / Illustrations for Archeology of Migration

Sébastien Thibault was commissioned to create illustrations for the exhibition, “Archeology of Migration,” at La Maison des Métallos, in Paris. The exhibition, sponsored by Inrap, includes Thibault’s powerful image of a red man carrying his profile on his back like a sack.

L’agence d’illustration & d’animation Anna Goodson lance ses tout nouveaux sous-verres de Noël axés sur l’environnement

  Chaque année l’agence d’illustration & d’animation Anna Goodson produit une collection de sous-verres sur une cause spécifique. En 2019, l’agence met de l’avant l’environnement, un thème crucial qu’elle tient à souligner par le biais de l’art.   #ILLUSTRATORSWHOCARE « Nos artistes ont proposé des illustrations décrivant les nombreux problèmes auxquels nous sommes confrontés aujourd’hui, tels […]

Chris Madden / “Healthy People, Healthy Planet” for University of Alberta Science Contours magazine

Chris Madden’s cover illustration for the Fall 2018 issue of Science Contours magazine of The University of Alberta, Faculty of Science. Madden’s illustration is based on the theme, “Healthy People, Healthy Planet,” and shows how interconnected each one of us is to the environment.

Stephanie Wunderlich / Digitizing financial information for a special edition of Wirtschaftswoche

Stephanie Wunderlich’s commission to illustrate a special edition of Wirtschaftswoche, a German women’s magazine, shows world market leaders taking their companies digital. Wunderlich’s illustrations draw attention to an article on the challenges German companies are facing associated with digitalizing financial information. The illustrator combines symbols used in a digital age with a hands-on effort to […]

Anna Goodson Illustration & Motion launches it’s Christmas Coasters focusing on the environment

  At Anna Goodson Illustration & Motion, we believe that the holidays are not only a time of giving but also a time of giving back. Each year, the agency produces a collection of coasters with a specific theme drawing attention to an important cause. This year, #ILLUSTRATORSWHOCARE focuses on the environment. “With all the […]

Chris Madden / “Silver linings” for University of Alberta Science Contours magazine

Chris Madden completed a full-page illustration for the Fall 2018 issue of Science Contours magazine published by The University of Alberta, Faculty of Science. The feature, “Silver linings,” highlights benefits of a sustainable mining industry that brings wealth and growth to local communities.

Andrea Ucini / “Staying alive” for The Economist

Andrea Ucini’s powerful illustration for a recent edition of The Economist on how the suicide rate is falling around the world. “Staying alive,” explores how to best bring this deadly statistic down even further. Ucini’s illustration of a man walking away from the edge of a cliff tells the story visually.    

Pablo / “Illustrators Issue” for Rolling Stone, Argentina

Pablo´s illustrations were recently featured in Rolling Stone magazine.  The illustrator’s work was included in a special edition, “Illustrators Issue” for Rolling Stone, Argentina. Pablo’s distinctive portrait style is well-known to Rolling Stone readers.  His signature portraiture of celebrity and music stars has appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Wall Street […]

Marta Antelo / Illustrating Article 25 for Amnesty International

Marta Antelo’s illustration, on exhibit in her native city of Valencia, Spain, was created to commemorate the 70th Aniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Antelo was asked to illustrate Article 25 of the declaration. Her colorful illustration shows people of all races and backgrounds living together as one community as they encircle the […]

Daniella Ferretti / Everyday illustration series on exhibit at Emerging Space Zink

Daniella Ferretti created a series of four illustrations highlighting tasks of daily living like cooking, taking care of plants and shopping. Inspired by everyday life, Ferretti’s illustrations are included in a current exhibition, “Ilustres días,” at Emerging Space Zink in Salamanca, Spain.

Roberto Cigna / Broken wing

Roberto Cigna is commemorating the upcoming International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women to take place on Sunday, November 25th. Violence against women and girls is a grave violation of human rights. Impacts range from immediate to long-term physical, sexual and mental consequences for women and girls, up to and including death. Cigna’s […]

Phil Wheeler / “Cracking the Code” for Professionally Speaking magazine

Phil Wheeler’s commission for a banner illustration to accompany the article, “Cracking the Code,”  for Professionally Speaking magazine about sources for help with computer coding for students. Wheeler’s pixellated image shows that learning to code can be easy and fun.

Gary Neill / The dangers of the shadow banking sector

Gary Neill completed a commission for the article, “Shining a light on shadow banking,”  for a London business school. The article focuses on how conventional banking is safer today than a decade ago. Risks from the shadowy non-banking sector, however, are still real and growing. Neill’s image of towers of stacked gold coins and dollars […]

Hanna Melin / Christmas stationery designs for Amifa

Hanna Melin created assorted holiday stationery for the Japanese paper company, Amifa. Melin’s designs included greeting cards, washi tape, cards, paper plates, cups, wrapping paper and more.

Roberto Cigna / Children mourning pets for Tuft magazine

Roberto Cigna’s illustration for Tuft magazine for the article, “Children Mourning Pets,” about how to help a child process the loss of a pet. In the article, a veterinary social worker discusses healthy ways that kids and parents can grieve a beloved pet’s death. Cigna’s shadow image of a dog receiving the loving attention of […]

Marta Antelo / Reading the tallest tree’s rings for Ballena Blanca magazine

Marta Antelo illustrated a peculiarly interesting story about how a scientist cut the tallest tree in the world to study it and analyze its tree rings. Antelo’s illustration of a man dwarfed by the size of an enormous tree for Ballena Blanca magazine was art directed by Ray Díaz.

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