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Stephanie Wunderlich / Alltogether

New original artwork. Papercut in A0 / Personal work.

Craigio Hopson / Ignite your creativity

New personal piece about the creative process

Andy Potts / ABRSM

Andy Potts has continued to illustrate the covers of ABRSM’s music exam books and here are the latest for the Piano and Guitar. The painterly illustrated environments and textures have been enhanced with 3d models of musical notation to make dynamic compositions around the photographed musicians.

Kotynski / “Know Yourself” for Pismo Magazine

An illustration for the December issue of the Pismo Magazine. For an article „Know Yourself” by Katarzyna Boni about Lea Balint – a woman who helps jewish people in finding their families after being separated by the chaos of World War II.

Audrey Malo / Bird tears

In this personal illustration, Audrey Malo reinterprets a recent scientific discovery about a species of amazonian moths who were spotted drinking sleeping bird’s tears. Malo imagined the bird tears being sold in “tears cartons” and being labelled as “nutritive”.

Audrey Malo / Ministry of loneliness for L’actualité

Audrey Malo illustrated an article on the recent formation of a ministry of loneliness in the UK for the march issue of Montreal-based magazine L’actualité. This illustration dominated by blues and white represents a man standing on it’s own head like if it were a deserted island.

Two of our Quebec illustrators selected for Communication Arts Illustration Annual 2019!

We couldn’t be more proud of illustrators Nathalie Dion and Sébastien Thibault for having their work selected in this year’s Communication Arts Illustration Annual 2019. “The Communication Arts Illustration Annual is one of the most prestigious international awards for illustration.  Really cool that two of the winners from our gang this year, come from Québec, […]

Jojo Ensslin / Trinseo – product screens

Jojo Ensslin provided three illustration for Trinseo’s product groups. As the client allowed for some humorous elements and wanted the illustration to be monochromatic in colour, this assignment felt for Jojo likea flashback into his early days starting with monochromatic vector based illustration.

Hanna Melin / Personal Work

Personal work about getting older. How do I want to be old?

Jessie Ford / Gardener, Heal Thyself

Here’s a lovely sunny floral piece that I did for Saga Magazine in the UK. It’s so bitterly cold in England right now. This illustration is making me daydream for sunshine, picnics in the park and long Summer evenings… Roll on summertime!

Clare Mallison / Financial Times Book Review

Clare Mallison illustrated the Financial Times weekend book review of Tessa Hadley’s new novel ‘Late in the Day’.

Guille Manchado / Guille Manchado /Changing dimension

Guille recently added to his portfolio this personal image about a girl coming into another dimension while diving.

Roberto Cigna Roberto Cigna / Plant’s ability

Plants can smell, now researchers know how. The ability is in their genes. Researchers have discovered the first steps of how information from odor molecules changes gene expression in plants.

Jojo Ensslin / UKB – Urner Kantonalbank

Jojo Ensslin illustrated and animated a short film for Urner Kantonalbank in Switzerland. Long cameramovements in a 2.5 D environment and up to 13 fully animated characters in one scene made this quite a challenging project. But Jojo loves the challenge.

We’re sharing our love for illustration by offering to work for FREE for non-profits and charities for the month of February

This February, the month of LOVE, we’re sharing our LOVE for illustration by offer to work for FREE.  The illustrators of Anna Goodson Illustration & Motion for the 9th consecutive year are offering to create original illustrations and work for Free for non-profits and charities. “Our illustrators are willing to work for Free this month to […]

Clare Mallison / D Magazine

Clare Mallison illustrated ‘Make 2019 the year of you’ a month to month guide to classes to go to Dallas.

Isabelle Cardinal / Illustration for the Boston Globe, Books review section

Isabelle Cardinal illustrated Sunday’s Books review in the Boston Globe. With the title “Inspiring a dread that we cannot unknow.” The inspiration came from Samanta Schweblin’s stories in the review, each little jar representing well one of the story from the book (and review) of “Mouthful of Birds”. Editorial Design: George Patisteas

Daniella Ferretti / Concept and Canvas for iProspect Digital Agency

During her stay in Chile Daniella Ferretti was invited to develop an image that would mark the arrival of the iProspect digital agency in Santiago de Chile and that could remain in their office. The image should represent the spirit of the company, that likes diversity, integration and also looks to the future. She created […]

Andy Potts / Raw Power Festival 2019

Andy Potts has created the artwork, poster designs and animation for a north London music event, Raw Power Festival. The illustrations are inspired by the alternative music showcased in the festival, heavy psychedelic/space rock and left field electronica, and sci-fi from the 80’s. The central figure and landscape were created in 3d to give the […]

Audrey Malo / Flower girl

in this personal illustration Audrey Malo is experimenting with the use of whites and a warm and soft palette, using satisfying round shapes and pattern to create a feel-good atmosphere of being one with nature.

Martin Tognola / Incoherent behavior

Illustration for a weekly Op-Ed column about the incoherent behavior between what do we think, what do we say and what do we do. The article begins by talking about school education to finish talking about the new international political currents. La Vanguardia newspaper (Spain)

Isabelle Cardinal / Illustration for Chronicle; What We Hire in Now: English by the Grim Numbers

What are the perspectives for academic jobs market in English, for the near future? A very interesting article about this profession, employment perspectives and what lays ahead. Art Director: Scott Seymour.

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