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Stephanie Wunderlich / Illustration for Wirtschaftswoche

Stephanie Wunderlich was asked to produce a series of illustrations for the weekly german business magazine Wirtschaftswoche about the sorrows of landlords. This is the opening double spread showing the owner of the building beeing harassed by huge hands coming out of the rented appartements. One is threatening him with legal actions, another has obviously […]

Andy Potts / MAN-AGE

Andy Potts has created four new illustrations and animations for an online project called MAN-AGE that aims to publish creative stories and artwork that deal with male mental health and identity struggles. The first 3D animation and accompanying artwork is called ‘Fragmentation’ and is an abstract take on a depressive episode. The third and fourth […]

Chris Madden / Dialogue Magazine

A cover feature for Dialogue Magazine about female leaders in business female leaders and what it takes to get to the top of their respective professions.

Jennifer Tapias Derch / Volunteered and did this illustration for FREE for ‘God’s Love We deliver’

Jennifer has created this symbolic illustration for ‘God Love We Deliver’ association, as part of  the agency’s Work For FREE promotion. Each year in the month of February, Anna Goodson Illustration & Motion, offers to work for FREE, for non-profits and charities . God’s Love We Deliver, is a non-profit organization, who’s mission is to improve the health and […]

David Senior / Health Care Design magazine

This illustration, by David Senior for Health Care Design magazine, was created for an article on Integrated Project Delivery.  This image depicts how collaboration across disciplines early in the planning, can be beneficial for the construction of a new health care facility. Art directed by Jennifer Kovacs Silvis

Andy Potts / IBM Systems Magzine

Andy Potts has illustrated an article for IBM Systems magazine on how they go about ‘Building the World’s Top Supercomputers’.

Marta Antelo / Premiers Pas Québec- “Work For FREE” campaign

Marta Antelo, offered to create this beautiful illustration for FREE as part of the agency’s Work For FREE promotion. Each year in the month of February, Anna Goodson Illustration & Motion, offers to work for FREE, for non-profits and charities . Premier Pas Québec, is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping families with preschoolers […]

Guille Manchado / Unpluged day/ The Atlantic

People votes for what holiday they would like to have in the website of The Atlantic and the winner was the unpluged day, left aside your electronic devices the books are also not so bad! Art direction by the great Emily Jan Client: The Atlantic

Roberto Cigna Roberto Cigna / Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review, published by Harvard Business Publishing asked me to illustrate five articles for their Spring On Point Issue, about creativity in business and in particular how to get over the fears that block your best ideas, how to overcome “functional fixdness” and other biases that get in the way of creativity, how to […]

Nick Ogonosky / Migraine

As someone who suffers from high-frequency migraines, Nick is often asked exactly what does it feel like when he’s experiencing one. He decided to interpret what a migraine feels like through one of his simplistic yet graphic illustrations.

We’re super excited to have 10K Followers on Instagram!

  A BIG thank you to everyone who follows us on Instagram! We really appreciate all the support, comments, feedback and likes you’ve been sharing with us.  We will continue to do our best to keep posting images that we feel are are inspiring and beautiful. We are extremely proud of the illustrators & motion […]

Audrey Malo / Illustration for L’Étiquette journal by Brasserie Dunham

Audrey Malo was asked by Simon Bossé, creative director at Brasserie Dunham to create an illustration for his journal L’Étiquette, which features the brasserie’s all-stars contributors. The subject was “carte-blanche”, with the only request being that it needed to feature beer in it. Audrey imagined an old and odd couple at a dar bar, with […]

Joe Magee / TUFTS University / A.I.

TUFTS Magazine, published by TUFTS (research university) Massachusetts, commissioned Joe Magee to produced a cover image and series of interior images to illustrate an in-depth look at the current state and future of artificial intelligence for their Spring 2019 issue. Joe worked closely with art director Heather Burke and Jenna Talbott

Clare Mallison / Wall Street Journal

Clare Mallison illustrated how to dress chic whilst travelling for the cover of WSJ OffDuty, Art Director, Forest Evashevski 

Denis Carrier / Funny Giphy

Denis Carrier loves making new funny things and decided to create little GIFs between two commissions. In a style more lo-fi and DIY, his GIFs are always funny with this touch of conceptual approach which is one of the key of Denis’s work. You can already see this first series in his portfolio and use […]

Stephanie Wunderlich / Anfachen Award

The Anfachen Award is a yearly poster design contest. IN the 2019 the participants were free to choose any personal, political, aesthetic or formal point of view in their approach to the assigned topic of “Housing and Living”. This years subject was LIVING. My illustration was one of the 25 images chosen by the Jury. […]


Personal piece about the power within,

Martin Tognola / Without them

Illustration for a weekly op-Ed column. The text speaks of women who struggle in different equal conditions. While some shout loudly to make their rights visible, in another part of the world there are women who don’t know what a strike is.

Nicolas Gremaud / Val de Rance – Bottle labels

Nicolas Gremaud illustrate 4 moments of lunch time for the Val de Rance bottle labels

Clare Mallison / Financial Times Money Cover

Clare’s latest illustration for the Financial Times – Where do go millennials go for financial advice? Front cover for the weekend Money section.

Daniella Ferretti / Dam Philosophe, The lie

Daniella illustrated the «Dam Philosophe» article of DIM DAM DOM, a french magazine for women. The article talks about the lie and why everybody lies, as part of a social game of all ages and civilizations. Lying has to do with fiction and imagination, there are numerous references around the lie and punishment reserved for […]

Roberto Cigna Roberto Cigna / How did menstruation become taboo?

Personal piece. Menstruation stigma is a form of misogyny. Negative taboos condition us to understand menstrual function as something to be hidden, something shameful. And by not naming a thing, we reinforce the idea that the thing should not be named.

Nathan Hackett / Cineplex, Dinner and a Move

These were illustrated materials for an animated campaign for Cineplex in collaboration with The Rec Room. The animation was a promotion of ‘Dinner and a Movie’ that presented the ease a couple can have a meal followed by the cinema. This ‘date night convenience’ was highlighted in various promotions and forms by the visual speed […]

Kotynski / ‘Shackled’ for Wysokie Obcasy Extra (10/2018)

Kotynski created an illustration for an article about how genes determine one’s future and how to oppose them. Our future is not based entirely on the biology. Depends largely on other people and the environment in which we grow up and live. Wysokie Obcasy Extra is one of the leading women’s magazines in Poland.

Clare Mallison / Re:porter Magazine

Clare illustrated for Porter airlines inflight magazine Re:porter on its regular column A Tale of Two Cities. This month they compared the Canadian prime ministers residence with the White House.

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