We don't follow
illustration trends. We create them.

Anna Goodson Illustration Agency has been representing the most prominent illustrators — both established and up-and-coming — from around the world since 1996.

If you’re a publisher, advertiser, editor, designer, or art director, and are looking to commission a high-quality illustration, you’ve come to the right place.

Being selective about whom we represent ensures the work we provide is captivating and distinctive.

Digital, motion, collage, portraiture — our illustrators cover a wide array of styles, and you’ll always be inspired by what they create.

Discover our illustrators’ latest work in the news section, and browse through their profile pages to find out more about them; you’ll discover a vast pool of talent and skill across numerous styles and genres


We paid tribute to Montreal’s 375th anniversary with our annual Christmas Coasters Promo.

Our illustrators featured landmarks, personalities, and memorable moments in Montreal’s history.

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We turned 20 and celebrated a milestone birthday.

Our roster of clients today includes some of the most reputable advertising agencies, magazines, newspapers, publishers, and design firms in the world.

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We stood up for what we believed!

In response to homophobic social media posts prior to the Olympics in Sochi, Russia, our agency launched its Christmas Coaster Promo, Art Speaks Louder Than Words, to support gay rights. The promotion featured illustration that was positive and supportive of gay rights.

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We wanted to find a way, through art, to give back so we decided to launch our first Illustrators Willing to Work for Free campaign

For the month of February, all illustrators represented by our agency volunteered to work for FREE to help spread love to worthwhile and needy causes.

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We changed our name from Anna Goodson Management to Anna Goodson Illustration Agency.

We decided we’d no longer represent photographers to focus, exclusively, on representing illustrators.


We launched our first two major advertising campaigns.

Anna makes a name for the agency, putting it on the map with its first two international campaigns. The first, for a Toronto-based dating service, Lavalife, featured illustration in NYC subways and on billboards throughout North America. A worldwide campaign for IBM was No. 2. The word was out. Photographers, illustrators, and clients started flocking to the agency.


Sylvie Hamel joined our agency after a 15-year PR career at Optimum Public Relations.

Today, Sylvie continues to be the main liaison between clients and illustrators.


Anna signs on more illustrators and photographers and builds the agency.

Anna’s brutal first years in business began to pay dividends. After lugging around heavy portfolios to creatives across Canada and the US, illustrators with the agency started getting offers.


Anna Goodson Management set out to make a name for itself as a reputable agency in the illustration and photography industry.

Facing the agency’s biggest challenge–getting artists to sign on in its fledgling years–Anna was turned down by nearly everyone she approached. With dreams of going international, Anna cold called prospects while crisscrossing North America. She convinced a handful of unknown photographers–and one illustrator–to join her virtual agency.


With only a black & white laptop, flip phone and a dream, Anna launched her start-up, Anna Goodson Management.

After working her way up the ranks in an ad agency to account director, then taking a job at a fashion photography agency, Anna striked out on her own to start an agency that represented illustrators and photographers in the second bedroom of her apartment. No too long after, Anna’s intuition, led her to launched her first website before most of her clients even had access to the Internet.

Anna Goodson
President & Founder of Anna Goodson Illustration Agency

A leader and visionary in the field of illustration, Anna Goodson built one of the most reputable international illustration agencies from the ground up, that today, represents a roster of illustration superstars. A trendsetter in the field of illustration, since 1996, her agency, tops the list; setting trends instead of following them.

Anna’s keen eye for discovering talent, and her international vision for her agency, took her from a career in advertising to a world-renowned rep for some of the top talent in the field.

Discovering early in her career how much she loved working with creatives, Anna hit the pavement and created an early online presence to develop an agency that offers captivating, distinctive artwork across countless styles and genres.

An authority in the field of illustration, she promotes new talent and inspires established illustrators to produce award-winning illustration for the most-respected news and advertising sources on the planet.

Over the past two decades, Anna has been asked to lecture, review portfolios, do podcasts and sit on several prestigious illustration and creative juries.

Sylvie Hamel
Vice President of Client Service

Sylvie Hamel, Vice President of Client Service at Anna Goodson Illustration, is an integral part of the day-to-day management at the agency. She keeps things running smoothly, and on time, with a great sense of purpose, and an almost imperceptible smile.

With AGIA for 18 years, Sylvie takes good care of our clients-and our illustrators-as liaison for illustration services. Our clients appreciate her warm, upbeat personality and our illustrators just love her too. Sylvie came to AGIA with 15 years of public relations experience and a love for illustration.