5 ways to get your illustrations in front of potential clients

Illustrator/ Agathe BB

  1. Social Media

Make sure you are on social media! Almost everyone is on social media today, so if you are an illustrator then you need an Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn account. If you have to choose only one, then get on Instagram ASAP.

Here’s a great read on how to get your first 1000 followers.


  1. Enter Illustration Contests

I’m a huge advocate for illustrators to participate in International Illustration Contests and have always encouraged my illustrators to participate. It’s a great way to get your work seen by potential clients looking for “ What’s Hot” especially if your work is selected or you win. Everyone wants to want to work with a “winner”. Most competitions, announces the winners on their website and share the winning images on their social media. Sometimes winning entries even end up in the press. You then get to brag about your wining entries by posting them on your website and on all your social media.

Here are a few you might want to consider:

American Illustration-USA

ADC Annual Rewards-USA

Hiii Illustration-China

World Illustration Awards-UK

Communication Arts Illustration Annual-USA


Applied Arts-Canada


  1. Send out a few printed samples of your work

I still believe that printed samples are a great way to show your work to potential clients. For the past 18 years, our agency has produced a series of printed coasters showcasing the work of each of the illustrators we represent. This year’s them, “We Are Artists Hear Us Roar “in support of women’s rights was one of my favourites.

Your printed promos don’t need to be that elaborate or cost a lot. You can do a mailer or post cards and send them to a few clients you’d like to work with. Make sure to follow up with an email or even a phone call.

2020 Coaster Collection


  1. Go out and mingle

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Go out and mingle “live” and try to meet people in the industry. Go to events, portfolio reviews, and illustration conferences. Hang out with other artists and network. Meet people at meet up’s. Having a personal contact with someone is a great way to eventually get them to see you work.

Illustration/Clare Mallison 


  1. Find a Rep who believes in your work

I feel like I’m in a great position to recommend this one. No but seriously, being represented by someone who loves what you do and is interesting in taking you on is a great way to get your work out there and seen by clients. A reputable agent has contacts and that’s priceless. At Anna Goodson Illustration Agency, we’ve managed to launch many careers over the years of illustrators that were complete unknown when I took them on. Some illustrators in fact, had never had anything published until they were represented. There are many advantages in having a rep but again it’s not for everyone. It’s like marriage. You have to want it and believe it’s right for you.

Here’s my top ten on how to find one, in case you are interested.