Lettering Illustrators

The lettering illustrator knows the ABC’s of design. Masters at hand-drawn type, they flourish, embellish, and space lettering on a page to show the natural beauty of its form.
For the love of letters, they create compositions based upon the type style they draw. Stretched beyond the page, or squeezed in for effect, lettering becomes the main attraction.
The successful lettering illustrator knows that variations in type styles are as endless as the sea. Naturalists at heart, they possess a steady hand and an open heart. What you see is what you get.
Color, shape, form, and texture inform the lettering illustrator in their choice of layout. Script is not a dinosaur to them but a calligraphic masterpiece created by a pen’s elegant dance within a frame.
Style is as personal as a fingerprint. They may embellish type with ornaments and flowers; or songbirds and sonnets. Call them old-fashioned and they’ll tell you hand-lettering is as ancient as the Romans. Think illuminated manuscripts from the 13th century.
If the writing is on the wall, the lettering is on the page. Lettering illustrators know how to write a love letter to you, or to the world. Romantics with a pen and brush, they give beauty a good name.