Packaging Illustrators

Before you tear it, score it, or toss it, take a look at the box a packaging illustrator designed for your favorite whatever. For a moment, marvel at the style and content of the illustration on the package. The packaging illustrator’s ability to draw anything–in 360 degrees–means you can count on them to cover every angle.
Packaging illustrators consider all sides before setting pen to paper or stylus to tablet. They take their responsibility for helping us to recognize the products we love, seriously.
The packaging illustrator understands the value of color and bold graphics to sell cool stuff. Style may vary, but the packaging illustrator is a masterful draftsman who knows how to have a good time selling a product. They want you to like the package as much as what’s inside.
They find value in what we throw away. The box is their ultimate high. Wrappers with the letter w, packaging illustrators wrap their heads around a product to find the perfect container for that candy bar or bag of chips.
Love them, or hate them, packaging illustrators cover things up so they look even better than they are.
Hats off to the packaging illustrators who make the things we buy, even better.