Lifestyle Illustrators

The breezy, easy lifestyle illustrator knows how we relax and have fun. They show us what we do in our leisure time. Call them laid back and they’ll say that’s just for show. They work hard to portray anything from lavish vacations to fitness routines.
Our interests are theirs. They are students of human behavior, looking for the latest trends in down time. The topics they cover are endless: parenting, health, fashion, what’s beautiful, homemaking, motherhood. They’re all over the planet trying to create a positive impression of what we do.
Sketch artists with the speed and virtuosity of a maestro, they go where we go and do what we do to create illustrations that show us at play, on the go, or just living our lives.
Techniques may vary, from pen or washes to simple line drawings. These illustrators know a thing or two about drawing people. Speed skaters with wings, they draw a series of images in minutes, capturing a scene and the people in it. Any angle will do as long as it’s fresh and, yes, original.
Never tell a lifestyle illustrator they don’t get you. They’ll show you hundreds of sketches to prove they know where you’ve been and what you’ve done.
Up on the latest trends from your favorite barista to your favorite spa treatment, they know what makes a group or a culture happy. Count on them to create a visual diary of any 24-hour news cycle; only this news cycle features you.