Family Illustrators

When a traditional photographic portrait lacks that personal touch, a family illustrator can create a family portrait of your loved ones that shows the warmth and caring you've come to trust.
Skilled as a portrait artist, the family illustrator works from life, or reference photos, to create a custom portrait of your family. Technique is secondary to capturing the likenesses and family ties within a family unit.
Often used to commemorate a milestone like the birth of a child, a new marriage, or as a gift for out-of-town relatives, the family illustrator draws or paints in a style uniquely their own.
Whether simple line drawing or fully-developed oil painting, or pastel, they set to work on drawing a likeness of each sitter while considering placement within the group and composition as a whole.
The best family illustrators discuss style, method, and objective of a family's portrait before committing an idea to paper or canvas.
Some prefer whimsical representations of their loved ones while other clients want an exact likeness. The family illustrator is adept at understanding group dynamics and creating a composition that highlights the interaction of family members.
A good family illustration will be cherished for years and will provide a moment of togetherness to reflect on in years to come.