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Mural Artists

Our mural artists custom design large-scale physical and digital mural art for walls, building façades or other architectural surfaces for public, corporate or commercial spaces. Our artists’ large-scale illustration skills and their understanding of how communities engage with spaces allow them to create visually impactful murals and wall coverings that transform both interior and exterior spaces.

Our clients are global companies, brands, real-estate developers, architects or public organizations looking to commission custom murals that stop people in their tracks. The mural illustrators represented by our agency are renowned for their signature style and technical skills that allow them to execute a complex vision on budget and on time.

Mural art is designed to be visually striking with bold perspectives, patterns, and colors that engage viewers and make art accessible in day-to-day life. Custom murals are often commissioned with the aim of enhancing the aesthetics of an interior or exterior space. In corporate or commercial venues, digital illustrations are transformed into floor-to-ceiling murals, panels, removable wallpaper, vinyl wall coverings or even projections, to add character to stores, window displays, offices, cafes, hotels, restaurants, food courts, or coworking spaces.

On building exteriors or other outdoor surfaces, murals are a way of democratizing urban art. Not only does street art beautify neighborhoods and buildings like an open-air museum, but they also rally crowds and start conversations within communities.

Mural artists design their large-scale illustration for it to be in dialogue with the architectural features of the space, its surrounding environment, and the community who will interact with the space. At the start of the design process, as with any custom illustration or animation that is commissioned, the artist is briefed on the visual identity or the specific theme of the mural before beginning the initial sketch and design. Like all other forms of art, murals have a story to tell!

Once the design for the mural has been revised and approved by the client, mural artists begin execution, either of their physical mural or a digital version that will be printed and installed by the client.

When creating a digital mural for corporate or commercial clients, the illustrator considers all the client’s specifications for the physical space as well as any printing limitations, the exact dimensions of the surface, and even the different angles from which the mural will be seen. Art directors and illustrators often work with digital renderings to visualize the space and the mural. Digital illustrations have to be scaled up to cover a large surface area without losing image quality.

When physically painting a mural, the artist usually prepares the interior or exterior surface by cleaning the wall and applying a base coat. Because of the huge scale of some murals, care is taken to secure the premises for the safe installation of the artwork, making sure areas are appropriately cordoned off and that all necessary permits and equipment are obtained. Some mural artists draw a grid or an outline or use color-blocking to guide them as they work. Mural artists typically use acrylic or spray paint and may coat their final artwork to prevent vandalism. The duration of the mural’s execution depends on its scope, size and other factors, such as access to the space. Routine maintenance (cleaning, coating or repainting) should be carried out by the client to ensure the mural’s longevity.

Explore the portfolios of our mural artists for hire and get in touch with us to make your custom mural come to life!