Anna Goodson Illustration Agency Celebrates it’s 27th year anniversary!


Wow 27 years ago today February 21st, 1999 I had this crazy wonderful and idea of launching an illustration agency Anna Goodson Illustration Agency. I was young passionate, exited and determined to be the best illustration agency in the world. I was also quite naive which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I worked endlessly with no financial help or support. Friends thought I was crazy and that I was spending my afternoons watching Oprah but I wasn’t. I was working my ass off and I could not have been more determined because I was having so much fun and was my own boss. Slowly my hard work paid off and slowly people started taking notice. First locally and eventually internationally. Today after 27 years later I’m as passionate, excited and committed to my Gang and this wonderful creative industry that’s changed my life for the better.

Thank you to all the illustrators we’ve had the honour of representing over the years and a BIG thank you to the thousands of clients who have trusted and collaborated with us.

Also I want to make sure to thank everyone who told me it would never work. Who told me that I could get a real job if it failed and to the bank manager that told me to “come back with my dad”

Here’s to many more creative collaborations together! Anna Goodson