Anna Goodson Illustration Agency launches it’s new visually enhanced, state of the “Arts” website!

Montreal, Monday April 25, 2022 /– Anna Goodson, President & Founder of Anna Goodson Illustration Agency, announced today the launch of their new website.

Illustrating the future today

“Since 1996, our award-winning illustrators and motion graphic artists have created unforgettable visual experiences for the world’s most influential brands, magazines, publishers and media outlets. We’ve been around for almost three decades, but we know how to keep things fresh, inclusive and ahead of trend.

Today, we’re thrilled to show you just how far we’ve come with the launch of our new visually enhanced and user friendly state of the “Arts” website” says Goodson.

The new website was designed and developed in collaboration with web and branding studio, tom & tom.

As a globally renowned illustration agency, representing top-notch illustrators and motion graphic artists from around the world, it was only natural for the new website design, to be heavily reliant on imagery and visuals.

The company’s revamped website,, includes a complete redesign and many improved functionalities with a strong focus on user experience. Included in the redesign is the option to search for artists by name or by style. Each of the artist’s portfolios has been updated with their most recent work, their bio, awards and latest commissions.

Right off the bat, the new website has an all-over-screen video, that provides a close-up and personal look into the work and lives of some of the diverse artists the agency represents.

“We’ve also changed the color of our brand from fuchsia to yellow. I was inspired to change the color one day when driving down the highway. Yellow lines separated vehicles going in different directions and I’ve always felt like I was going in different directions with our agency. I’m not one to follow trends in illustration, I much prefer creating them, explains Goodson




Illustrations/Stephanie Wunderlich