Anna Goodson Illustration & Motion launches it’s Christmas Coasters focusing on the environment


At Anna Goodson Illustration & Motion, we believe that the holidays are not only a time of giving but also a time of giving back. Each year, the agency produces a collection of coasters with a specific theme drawing attention to an important cause.

This year, #ILLUSTRATORSWHOCARE focuses on the environment.

“With all the major current environmental issues, our illustrators came up with illustrations depicting many of the problems we’re facing today such as, climate change, pollution, environmental degradation and resource depletion. ” says Goodson

Through art, we hope to raise awareness and make a difference.

This is the 17th year that we celebrate the holidays with a thank-you gift to clients and friends.

With creations by 40+ illustrators, #ILLUSTRATORSWHOCARE expresses a profound belief in the power of art.

“With this year’s collection, we hope to draw attention on the urgency of this matter and hope that our efforts will make a difference “

Goodson also included in the collection, a separate coaster with the naming a few of the agencies favourite international environmental organizations, such at Green Peace, WWF, NRDC and Friends Of The Earth International, should anyone want get involved.