Original Illustrators Willing to work for FREE!

This February, the month of LOVE, we want to share our LOVE of illustration with non-profit organizations and charities that wouldn’t normally have the budget to commission original illustrations.

That’s why this February; the Illustrators of Anna Goodson Illustration Agency are willing to work for FREE.

Founder, Anna Goodson said: “There are so many organizations out there that don’t have the budgets to spend on original illustrations. That’s why we wanted to help out and offer our original illustrations for FREE. This will be the 7th consecutive year that we offer to work for FREE and have had the opportunity to help out and work with so many amazing organizations. It feels really good to make a difference, so again this year; we want to share the LOVE. “

Anna Goodson Illustration Agency has been representing the most prominent illustrators—both established and up-and-coming—from around the world since 1996.
Their knack for selecting some of the finest international illustrators has earned them an outstanding reputation for more than two decades.

Today, the illustrators of the agency work with some of the world’s leading advertising agencies, design firms, magazines, publishers and newspapers.

This exclusive offer is only available to non-profit organizations and charities, from
February 1st, 2017 until March 30th, 2017.

If you’d like to find out more or commission an illustration, please email us at info@agoodson.com

Thank you,

Anna Goodson
Anna Goodson Illustration Agency
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