Anna Goodson will be part of this year’s Grand Jury for The Bowery Awards

Anna Goodson will be a member of this year’s Grand Jury for The Bowery Awards.

The Bowery Awards, are about honouring independent Creativity in Design, Audio, Motion Video and Short Film.

“I’m honoured to be part of this amazing Jury, say’s Goodson.  The talent they’ve rounded up for this competition is like no other and I’m extremely flattered to be amongst this international group of judges.”

The Bowery Awards will give all the entry fees to charity, which is another reason why Anna was so willing to take part.

” I love seeing when organizations give back to support a cause and what better way then to give the money from the entry fees to charity”  It made me also encourage all of my artists to take part.

New York City’s Bowery is infamous for being a hotbed of creativity and culture. A place where mavericks and free thinkers met, collaborated and developed work that would eventually escape the city streets and influence the world. Honouring that spirit, The Bowery Awards is a competition for today’s creatives working independently in the commercial landscape.