Art can make a difference: Our Work for FREE campaign

I’d like to share with you some of the love we spread in February–our LOVE for illustration, that is–during the 8th annual Work for FREE campaign, an opportunity for non-profits and charities to commission original illustration for FREE. We received several noteworthy project requests and our illustrators here at Anna Goodson Illustration Agency generously agreed to create work to promote these causes.

Our illustrators completed some amazing work that draws attention to the causes these significant organizations support. Lilly Panholzer’s hand supporting a mother and her children was created for Maison Flora (see illustration above) whose mission it is to help, shelter and support women and their children of all cultures who are victims of domestic violence.

For professionals inside our industry, illustrator, Craigio Hopson, created a colorful illustration to support Communicators Advocacy Volunteers, a non-profit that aids advertising professionals by offering free and confidential services to assist with personal, professional and financial problems is a cause that hits close to home.

Safeguarding Mount Royal in Montréal, Friends of the Mountain, Montréal, aims to protect and enhance a cherished landmark in the 375-year-old city of Montréal through citizen engagement and environmental education.  Illustrator, Agathe BB’s illustration presents the need to preserve one of the city’s natural treasures.

Nathan Hackett’s illustration for the Center for Neighborhood Leadership in Phoenix, Arizona supporting migrant justice shows a forum for members that’s open to the outdoors to symbolize accessibility and the participation of the city of Phoenix and its community.


Illustrator, Jennifer Tapias Derch, offered her creative services to Creative Peaces. Their mission is to encourage and spread peace while promoting artists who use the power of art to spread peace.

Illustrating a cause related to Anna Goodson Illustration Agency’s native city of Montréal and the province of Québec, illustrator Osvaldo Casanova created this illustration for S.I.T.E. Lake Champlain, Société d’Initiative et Economique du Lac Champlain, a group of volunteers promoting the development of Venise-en-Québec in the province of Québec, on the north end of Lake Champlain and its surrounding region.

Volunteers for S.I.T.E. manage an ice hockey tournament now in its fourth year. Proceeds from the sporting event are donated to the Jacques Landry Foundation, named in honor of the mayor of Venise-en-Québec.

And this is just a sampling of the free commissions we’ve completed for our annual campaign. To all the organizations who contacted us and continue to spread love, we support you.  To our illustrators who have contributed their time and creativity, well done. Here’s proof that art can make a difference!