Art Speaks Louder Than Words, It Speaks Volumes!

Hand Lettering / Bea Barros


If you look closely, art really does speak volumes louder than words.  Not that words can’t have a strong impact, it’s just that when we see a strong visual, we tend to immediately focus our attention to it.

In a matter of seconds, illustrations catch our eyes when we’re skimming over an article, on social media, on packaging, posters and in advertising. Why do you think the expression ” Don’t judge a book by its cover ” even exists? Because, so many people do just that, they choose a book because they are drawn to the cover. I know this often happens to me.

And why do you think illustrations exist in the first place? Illustrations help us understand the message or idea in a visual way. They are created so that people will quickly understand what an article is about or to identify a brand. Look at packaging for example, the beer industry for one focuses so much attention on the design and illustrations of their cans. Wine labels are being illustrated more and more. Even hot sauce labels are some of the most fun and wild illustrated labels out there.

Illustrations can create a strong cathartic reaction when you look at it. I know this happens to me quite often. Illustrations often make me smile, think, feel, reflect…

Don’t get me wrong, words can be bold, creative and poetic, Gertrud Stein’s “A Rose Is A Rose Is a Rose” will continue to make us reflect and ponder for generations to come.

It’s just that now, more than ever, art is taking centre stage like never before. The volumes and decimals that illustrations, animations, 3D motion graphics, virtual reality and augmented reality are making is huge!

” You need to see it to believe it!’

Scroll down any social media today and it’s impossible to not notice how strong a visual impact art has on our society. Content is visual stimulating it draws us in and makes us take notice.

We are living in a visual time capsule. Illustrators, animators, mural artists, digital artists and all visual creators are our super hero’s and their impact on the world speaks volumes.

Anna Goodson

Anna Goodson Illustration Agency