Audrey Malo / Fondation Charles-Bruneau / « Research and find » mural

Audrey Malo




Audrey Malo was commissioned by Fondation Charles-Bruneau to illustrate a new « Research and find » mural on a wall at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

With the help of the team at CRI agence and Fondation Charles-Bruneau, Malo lead a brainstorming workshop with five children who are recovering from cancer and asked them to imagine what the future looks like to them. The children’s ideas where then used in the mural.

This mural was created to celebrate Fondation Charles-Bruneau engagement of 25 millions dollars on five years to fund research on pediatric cancer in Québec. This investment from the Fondation helped give 5,3 million dollars towards the Montreal’s Children’s Hospital that gave them this space to produce a mural as a way to thank them.

Fondation Charles-Bruneau: Rebecca Dumont, Catherine Desforges, Kim Gobeil, Gabrielle Fillion, Chloé Noël
Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation: Renée Vézina, Stephanie Gurd, Josée Della Rocca
Illustrator: Audrey Malo
Children: Florence, Laurent, Sarah-Lou, Elliot, Mia
CRI agence:
Account Services: Caroline Bélanger, Guillaume L’Hoste, Véronique Leroux, Christine Blondeau
Strategy: Julien Brunet
Creation: Mounir Fadlou, Baptiste Desmonts
Graphic Design: Cécilia Boissy
Videographer: Marie Ledoux