Audrey Malo / IGA and Fondation Charles Bruneau / Search and find the Tough cookies

Audrey Malo


Audrey Malo was commissioned by IGA and Fondation Charles Bruneau to create the universe of the fundraiser campaign « Search and find the Tough cookies ». Referencing original drawings from children who are suffering from cancer or are in remission, Malo created a series of characters that were transformed into temporary tattoos that people can buy at IGA grocery stores to support the cause during the month of June. With the purchase of a tattoo sheet, a QR code is provided to give access to a virtual game of « Search and find ». Donors can have fun finding the « Tough cookies” through a magnificent decor imagined and designed by the children.The young artists took part in a special shoot where they were able to collaborate with the creative team. They inspired and created their hero’s voice, the set and the game’s soundtrack. The money raised will be donated to the Charles-Bruneau Foundation.

Client: IGS

Creative Agency: SidLee

Post Production: SidLee

Video Game: SidLee

Audio: Cult

Media: Carat

Art Director: Francis Lévesque SidLee