Audrey Malo / Le Devoir / Cover for the story « La toison dort (Noël remix) »

Audrey Malo



Audrey Malo was commissioned by Le Devoir to illustrate their December 23th cover for the story « La toison dort (Noël remix) » by author Yannick Marcoux.

Mistakenly, it is believed that Santa Claus is immortal, and that his age is as advanced as his beard is long. In truth, he belongs to a lineage that, from generation to generation, passes on a fundamental gene for the role of Santa Claus: that of a generous facial hairiness. The story is anchored in pleasure. The increasingly serious questions that occupy him are fueled by these reevaluations of patriarchy, but there is an irony that emerges from the situation, leaving us floating in a comedic pond. Thus, time passes, and the holiday season, initially a mirage, becomes a near possibility again, and Santa Claus, the man at the top of an empire that has conquered even the imaginations of children, doubts himself. Could it be that, since his birth, he has been destined to play this grand role for the sole reason that he had the beard for the job?

Art Director: Claire Dazat