Be Original! Don’t be STOCK UP!

Illustration/Nien-Ken Alex Lu

During these difficult COVID-19 times, on line marketing is at all time high. People are confined to their homes, turning to the Internet for social interaction, cultural diversity and learning.

This in turn, opens up huge markets for advertisers and marketers.

Contrary to what you may think, stock imagery is NOT your only option when trying to come up with strong visual content for your marketing campaign.

Illustration/Stephanie Wunderlich/Mail Chimp Website

Creatives, now is your chance to explore new ways of being creative. Now is the time to think about commissioning original illustrations and animation. It’s not the time to be “Stock UP”

There are so many brilliant freelance illustrators and animators out there who can create original artwork quickly and within budget.

Rather than spending hours searching for a stock an image that has been use over and over again, you can choose to collaborate with an illustrator and create something new and original.

Illustration/Nathan Hackett

Commissioning original artwork with reputable illustration agency can make it that much more easily and quick and at no extra cost to you.

You can brainstorm directly with the illustrator or animator to get exactly the kind of custom visual content you are looking for.

Illustration/Martin Tognola

Remember, Be Original! Don’t Be STOCK UP!